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Alcee & Stefan \\
Black hills Elopement
Jan 2018


brooke & clinton \\
alaska engagement
Jan 2018


Bridgette & Philip \\ 
tented Farmhouse Wedding
Jan 2018

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The Bucket List

If you've always dreamed of saying your vows to the person you love most in the world on top of a mountain or on the edge of an ocean cliff and you aren't afraid of getting some dirt or mud on your dress then this idea may be an excellent fit for you!



No matter where and how you spend your wedding budget, at the end of the day when the food is gone, the decorations are taken down, and all your guests have left, there is only one thing left over to help you remember such an important day in your life - your photos. :)



I truly believe that every couple deserves the photographer that they want most and are also the most comfortable and confident with. In all my experience I've found that establishing real connections with my couples and building on those relationships will truly help foster the genuine moments and emotions that I'm set on documenting in all my work.