For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the idea of traveling and exploring some place new. The only thing that I love more than traveling is being able to combine my love for travel with my love for photography. In the past years I have been fortunate enough to be able to combine these two passions on a number of occasions by documenting people in some of the most amazing places including Alaska, Joshua Tree National ParkOregon, The Black Hills, Mexico, and even Zambia. With each new place I visit, my desire to travel and explore this beautiful world and photograph more amazing people in amazing locations continues to grow.

For this exact reason I decided to create The Bucket List to help create more opportunities to document amazing and unique people in locations just as amazing and unique as they are. As much as I truly love being able to document weddings that are close to home and the community and culture I choose to surround myself with every day, I have also been wanting to be able to offer something a little bit different and more adventurous to couples that desire exactly that for the beginning of their life long story.

This idea may not be the right fit for everyone, and that's perfectly okay! But if you are someone who has always dreamed of saying your vows to the person you love most in the world on top of a mountain or on the edge of an ocean cliff and you aren't afraid of the likelihood of getting a bit of dirt or mud on your dress or shoes then this idea may be an excellent fit for you!




Below is a list of just a few of the locations I hold dear to my heart that I've always to wanted
travel to and photograph people in. Take a look below at some of the locations I've listed and let me know if you are interested or would like to learn more about how this could be a part of your story and how we can make this happen!



Never heard of some of these destinations? Simple! Click each location and start dreaming. :)


Do you have your heart set on a destination that you don't see on this list? No Problem!
Get in touch with me to bounce your ideas off me as it is possibly there are destinations I have not yet considered and I am entirely open to exploring with you. :)