Katie & Jeremy \\ Joshua Tree Adventure Engagement Session

I can not even begin to describe how amazing it was to work in Joshua Tree National Park. Photos and words truly can not do it justice. The way light bounces around the valleys and mountains and even how long the light actually lingers long past Sunset is truly a breathtaking experience and one of the most amazing sights.

Having the opportunity to work with Katie and Jeremy on their engagement photos was an absolute blast and adventure and I was amazed with how trusting they were in all my crazy ideas such as entering a field of super crazy dangerous cactus that stick to you like super glue, make you bleed like a stuck pig, and leave welts wherever they impale you. That's what happened to me. Twice. Totally worth it though. :) Some of the other less painful ideas were actually initiated by Katie and Jeremy such as scaling mountains of boulders while barefooted and in a skirt. Katie was wearing the skirt - I was not. Just to be clear. ;)

With that said, this session would not have been what it was, were it not for these new friends I made! I was blown away with their hospitality as they flew my down to San Diego and welcomed me into their home as their newly adopted friend and proceeded to show me around all their favorite bars, restaurants, and beaches in their North Park neighborhood. This was truly one of the best little workcation trips I've taken in a long long time and I can not say thank you enough! :)

EDIT - we actually did a mini session on the beach as well, but this entry was getting so long I decided to only include the Joshua Tree portion and possibly blog the rest at a later date.  

Now go hit play on the song below and enjoy all the adventure this engagement session holds!