Ali & Kade - Black Hills Adventure Engagement Session

The moment Ali and Kade told me their stipulation of having their engagement photos out in The Black Hills and on Kade's family ranch near Hot Springs, SD I had to reluctantly agree to their terms... ;) But in all seriousness - I could not have been more excited to do their photos out there and I was looking forward to it from the very first moment we talked about the idea.

The first evening we spent on Kade's family ranch near Hot Springs, SD and to be honest, I was a bit nervous and wasn't sure what to expect since I had only seen some photos and had never actually been there before. But it all turned out to be better than expected! We literally went off-roading in a pickup all over their ranch from one spot to the next with each place being better than the previous and continually blowing my mind with amount of variety in the landscape.

The next day we spent the evening actually up in The Black Hills near Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park (which makes for an excellent wedding venue for anyone that doesn't know cough cough) and had some serious fun with a canoe out on the lake, some climbing on 50 ft boulders that overlook the lake, and a bit of hiking to the top of a mountain - Ali did much of this barefoot mind you - for an amazing Sunset with the most spectacular view.

I can not say THANK YOU enough to Kade and Ali for inviting me out! I had such an amazing time getting to know them even more and hearing about all their plans for the big day - which will be at another amazing location (The Meadow Barn) - and having plenty of fun nerdy things to talk about like Star Wars and Star Trek. :) 

But enough of trying to describing all of this - you are far better off just seeing the photos for yourself! Here are a handful of my favorites. Enjoy! :)