Brittany & Hunter \\ Lost Dutchman State Park Engagement

Stuck in the middle of a bitter South Dakota winter, it seemed to make perfect sense to try and high tail it out of the midwest and head for warmer weather ASAP. Conveniently, Brittany and Hunter had recently moved to Phoenix, AZ and it just so happened they also still needed their engagement photos taken. So I pitched the idea of making their photos in a beautiful place where the air doesn’t hurt your face... Needless to say, Brittany and Hunter quickly said yes so I packed my bags and made my way south to meet them! :)

I had no idea there could be SO MUCH green in a desert! Turns out Phoenix has a rainy season and I arrived right in the middle of it haha. I was expecting lots of Sun and lots of brown, but what I got instead were moody low hanging clouds and greenery as far as the eye could see. The weather almost reminded me more of the Pacific Northwest rather than the deserts of the Southwest. Not exactly what I was expecting when traveling to Phoenix for the first time but I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless. :)