Alcee & Stefan \\ Pactola Lake, Black Hills Engagement Session

When Alcee first reached out to me to tell me her and Stefan were going to be moving to The Black Hills and were wanting their engagement photos out there as well, it probably took me a full 2 seconds to decided to drive out for their session! 

I had a few different locations in mind I wanted to check out and potentially use for their session but wasn't sure how accessible they would be considering it was mid March which meant there was probably still snow on the ground in many places and as anyone from South Dakota knows, blizzards are not uncommon to have in The Black Hills in March or even April haha. But one of the locations I knew I had to explore as a possibility was Pactola Lake which turned out to be the perfect spot for their session with very little snow on the ground and crazy beautiful views in basically every direction as you'll see below. :)