Natalie & Branden \\ Downtown Sioux Falls Engagement

The moment I sat down with Natalie and Branden and began getting to know them and hearing about all they are envisioning for their big day, I quickly became full of excitement about the potential of working with them which I'm sure you could imagine only skyrocketed when they told me how much they wanted to work with me as well. :)

To start off their engagement session, I took them to downtown Sioux Falls to introduce them to this awesome little shop called Breadico that specializes in wood fired, artisan breads and pizza. From the intricate details of the building inside and out, down to the hanging Edison bulbs and marble counter tops - this place was a gold mine for photos and offered so much potential!

After finishing up our urban look, Natalie and Branden literally lead me off into the backwoods of some land that Branden's Grandfather owns. They told me it was a beautiful and old forest with tons of big trees, but I definitely did not prepare myself for the awesomeness that ensued. haha. But enough words and stuff, am I right?! Take a look at the photos for yourself and be sure to congratulate them in the comments below. :)

Real quick, I just want to give a huge thank you to Breadico for allowing us to take some photos and for feeding us their crazy delicious pizza!