I am a wedding and portrait photographer who loves Jesus, my beautiful wife Alexa - pictured above on the best day of my life (on 35mm film), actually shooting 35mm film (I even photographed some of my own wedding on 35mm film lol), coffee, craft beer, whisky, design, documentaries and movies (especially Star Wars and LOTR), The Office, camping, hiking, biking, long boarding and traveling all over the country and the world whenever I can! In fact, I will have visited every continent on Earth within then next few years - at least that's the hopeful plan. ;) 

Below you will find my year in review video from 2017! This is basically just fun personal project I did a few years back where I tried to record small video clips throughout the year of all the amazing people I met and worked with, along with all the places I was able to visit. I try to think of it as a personal video journal to help me remember and appreciate all my family, friends, clients, and adventures. :)